Rent in the Hamptons



And Make It Look Easy...

1. CALL ME at (631) 379-3236 if you would like to secure the PERFECT RENTAL or read on...

2. START EARLY, very early... The best rentals go quickly, sometimes before the snow melts. 

3. IMAGINE AN IDEAL RENTAL. Price range? Location? Bedrooms? Features? Style? Special considerations? 

4. VISIT HREO.COM: If you're proactive and enjoy sifting through hundreds of search results, head to because this is where MOST rental listings are found. is a great tool for gathering info but the trouble is that most rental listing are "OPEN LISTINGS" so one property will be listed by multiple if not all the agencies which creates redundant search results.


5. SET UP AN APPOINTMENT: After you've browsed and perhaps picked out a few listings, you can set up appointments with the listing agent for each individual listing OR... you can select an agent who will conduct a search for you, schedule all the appointments, and show you all your potential rentals.

6. HOW MUCH DOES THAT COST? NOT A THING! Bear in mind that as a potential tenant, you are the customer of the agent. The agent represents the landlord and receives a commission from the landlord.

7. MAKE AN OFFER: After you've conducted your search and found your dream rental, it's time to make an offer. You can negotiate time and price -- best to pick one, not both.



Dana's portfolio includes high-end residential sales and rentals as well as investment and land opportunities. She has successfully negotiated hundreds of property contracts and continues to work vigorously for buyers and sellers alike.

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